Centenary Celebration (1899-1999)
The glorious history of SMC spans across about one hundred and fourteen years of love, dedication, endeavourers and achievement.

From 1899-1999 this wonderful temple of learning spread its protective wing over all who have been here. The celebration of the centenary year was thus inevitable.

It was a spectacular event that spread over the year 1999 – 2000. It was a combined effort of students and teachers under the guidance of our then principal, Sr. Damian.

The celebration was a portrayal of the values that SMC has always stood for serving the lord through our work has been our aim... And such service has to be inviolate. The sister and staff have upheld the very essence that binds us and have walked on the track planned by our creator himself. It is his soft whisper of love that takes us to the ark that is our resting place with his hand in ours we have succeeded in imparting quality education that involves not only academics but an all round development for personal excellence. The care of the underprivileged and exploited, especially women and children have been of prime importance.

The journey through these years has been a wonderful mixture of joy and pain, success, and failure, acceptance and growth. We thus say ‘Holy god we praise thy name, lord of all we bow before thee’.