Our School emblem stands for-"Endeavour Counts."

In today's rat-race for success, there is a misconception in the society that one should do great things to achieve it. In SMC, Kanpur, we, the Management and the staff, encourage the students to appreciate big and small efforts. It is as Napoleon Hills says, "If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way." It is small things that count. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. If you don't put in your drop, the ocean will be one drop less. The Bible says, "If you are faithful in small things, you will be placed in big things." We are trying to build a just society, an equitable and peaceful society. So each one's small and big efforts count. Today's world needs vibrant, committed women who are tender, caring, refined, faithful and loving. It is women who can bring about a drastic change in the oft changing and shifting circumstances of one's personal as well as community life. We need to have a firm 'Principle and Foundation' in the changing scenario. Only then the dream of Venerable Mother Mary Ward, our Foundress, will come true. The motto of the emblem is a constant reminder to all.

of St Mary’s Convent High School, Kanpur

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