School Rules and Discipline For the Special Attention of Students

  1. At the first warning bell all must fall into line immediately, for the Assembly. Pupils are expected to obey the Captains appointed by the school.
  2. In going from one class-room to another for special subjects, all shall move in an orderly manner, under the supervision of the Captain.
  3. Strict regularity, and punctuality, implicit obedience, courtesy in word and deeds, cleanliness in dress and person and proper care of books and school property are expected from every pupil.
  4. Irregular attendance, unwarranted absenteeism, lack of authentic leave application, habitual lack of interest in school work, stealing, misconduct even outside the school premises, willful repeated breaches of school regulations are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the child from school.
  5. Pupils are responsible to the school Authorities not only for their conduct in school but also their general behavior outside. A report of objectionable conduct on the part of any pupil will make her liable for disciplinary action. Hence misbehavior in streets and conveyance is liable to the same action.
  6. The Principal in the interest of the school and without assigning any reason, may ask parent/guardian to withdraw his child/ward should the child's conduct, behaviour or influence in the Principal's opinion be in any way detrimental to common good of the school and its smooth running.
  7. All Pupils are required to wear the School Uniforms. Neatness in dress and person should be cultivated by each pupil. Long nails, nail polish, jewellery or the bringing of the expensive articles to school is strictly prohibited.
  8. All should be particularly careful NOT TO THROW PAPER, ICECREAM - STICKS etc., any where in the School Premises. They should use the waste paper baskets and bins specially provided for the purpose.
  9. No books or periodicals, other than what is prescribed, may be brought into the school premises without the express permission of the Principal. Pupils should not exchange Library books without the permission of the Librarian.
  10. All are expected to speak English in school. Hindi may be spoken during the Hindi lessons only.
  11. Gift to members of the staff or other demonstrations in their honour, require the previous sanction of the Principal. All pupils are expected to attend all school functions and meetings.
  12. Once the children report to school, they must not leave the school premises without the written permission of the Principal. Those who leave the premises without the written permission will not be admitted to class on the following day without a written note from the Principal. The school will not be responsible for the progress and safety of offenders in this respect.
  13. Punishment: The Principal is much averse to the use of punishment, but reserves the right to use this if, in her opinion, it is necessary in the general interest of the School, discipline or child's character.

of St Mary’s Convent High School, Kanpur

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