1. Parents are expected to co-operate with the School Authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline. They should see to it that their children prepare their lessons and take an active interest in the activities of the school.
  2. Parents are required to sign Progress Reports or any other information when so requested. Failure to do so will cause great mutual inconvenience.
  3. Private tuitions are not encouraged. Parents/Guardians should not make private arrangements for tuition with the members of the Staff, without consulting the Principal. All private tuitions, if found extremely necessary, will be arranged by the principal herself. Defaulters are liable to punishment, Class teachers are not permitted to give private tuitions to their own pupils.
  4. Parents and Guardians are specially requested to notify the school of any change in their address or phone numbers
  5. When communicating with the Principal, Parents are requested to mention the Name, Class and Section of their child.
  6. Parents, Guardians or other persons are not allowed to see the pupils or teachers during class hours without the sanction of the School Authorities. As noted in the school diary appointment should be made.
  7. Parents are requested not to send for their children during class hours, except in cases of unforeseen circumstances and in such cases, a written application must be produced.
  8. Woolen coats, cardigans, Tiffin boxes and bags must bear the name of the owner.
  9. Late comers will not be admitted to the Class without the express permission of the principal.
  10. Parents should arrange to take their children home within 15 minutes after the school is over. The School will not be responsible if the children are not fetched within 15 minutes.
  11. Parents are requested to foster in their children habits of neatness and punctuality.
  12. Those students who are caught cheating or using unfair means in an examination will be disqualified in that particular paper. She will obtain a zero and she will not be allowed to continue her exam in other subjects.

of St Mary’s Convent High School, Kanpur

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